Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is BIG!

If you are anything like me and are in charge of most (if not all) meals, hate to meal plan, like to use what you have in the kitchen, like to buy on sale, and always procrastinate then this is going to revolutionize your way of life. Not. Even. Kidding.

My friend told me about Supercook and it is amazing! You make a free account then enter all your ingredients that you have in your kitchen. That part is a little tedious but totally worth it. There are shortcuts provided like they suggest items etc. however all in all it goes pretty fast. Then, and here is the amazing part, it lists recipes for dishes that you can cook! It crawls all the great food sites like epicurious and allrecipes and if you have a site you love I think you can even suggest sites to them! Also lets say you have chicken you need to use up because maybe, and I'm not saying I do this, but you took it out of the freezer and forgot it was in there for two days? Well, just highlight chicken on your kitchen list and bingo it spotlights chicken recipes! Brilliant, yes?

Oh yes friends it gets better...
Let's imagine that you make this fabulous dinner that everyone in the family loves (it's my dream, ok?) and you want to remember it to maybe put into a rotation? Well, it bookmarks the recipe for you! I'm sure there is more to this fabulous site that I haven't even discovered. 

I'm not having a giveaway and can't even promise I will read it right away but if you check it out, please come back and leave a comment telling me what you thought. I'll invite you to my virtual birthday party and be your best cyber friend ;)


  1. Very interesting... I'll have to tell Jim about this one. As you know, he's the cook in the family!

    Welcome back. Stick around this time!


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