Thursday, November 15, 2012

Six Months Later...

This stuff...

plus these...

turned into...

 these cute little hair pins and bookmarks.

add a little ribbon and it looks like you really went the extra mile!

I made them for all of J's resource teachers (and good grief there were a lot of them!). I am happy to report that the numbers are dropping and he is doing fabulous in 2nd grade. It's nice to know the support is there and it's also nice to know we don't need it as much anymore.

I am pretty sure no one is out there reading this blog anymore (ever?) but I will continue to attempt to post because it will serve as record that I have a life other than laundry, housekeeping, and cooking. 
(not very well, I might add)

*am I the only one that when reading the title to this post, hears a french accent? I think I watch too much SpongeBob. Correction: I allow my children to watch too much SpongeBob


  1. Ooo la la!! I love to hear French.
    Theses are sweet treats!!! Lucky teachers!

  2. Looks hard to do...

    But they turned out cute!


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